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The Department of Transfusion Medicine is situated in the Third Floor of New building.The area encompasses 550 square meter and has two wings attached with central area for reception and doner waiting area.The department is well connected with staircases and lift immediately adjacent to Blood Bank.

Blood Bank is running for 24 hours and connected with power backup for all rooms and equipments.

Main areas of Blood Bank are

  1. Bleeding Complex
  2. Cross match and serology lab
  3. TTI lab
  4. Component preparation complex
  5. Apheresis Unit (space allocated)


    1. Doner couches
    2. Blood Bank Refrigerators

  1. Biomixers
  2. Deep fridge ( -40degree)
  3. Deep fridge (-80degree)
  4. Cryocentrifuge
  5. Laboratory centrifuge
  6. Cryobath
  7. Waterbath
  8. Automated crosshatch
  9. Elisa reader
  10. Sterile tube connecting device
  11. Platelet agitator

And other equipments necessary for state of art blood bank.


  • Dr.Sumit Barik (Associate Professor Hematology & Head of Department.)
  • Dr.Anil Gupta (Specialist, Blood Bank.)
  • Dr.A.K.Taneja (Senior Medical Officer, Blood Bank)
  • Dr.G.Verma (Senior Medical Officer, Blood Bank)
  • DrSweta and Dr.Shalini are senior residents in Blood Bank

Services Provided

24 hours supply of Whole Blood .Components ( Platelets,FFP , Packed Red Blood Cells,Cryoprecipitate) to be manufactured after permission from licensing authorities in very near future.

Donations from replacement donors and voluntary donors.

Testing of all Transfusion transmitted diseases without any charges . ICT and DCT for pregnancy related sensitization.

Antibodies detection for minor transfusion incompatibilities.

Providing all help to NGO, Social organizations and others for arranging Blood Donation camps.

Blood Bank of ESI PGIMSR Basaidarapur provides blood units without any charges and replacement to HIV & Thalassemia patients, Cancer patients and Aplastic anemia patients.

Academic Activities

The department of transfusion medicine is actively making research works in minor antibodies, transfusion transmitted infections and other problems associated with human blood transfusion.The day to day morning rounds with all faculty and senior technical staff is highly academic and updating the knowledge.

Future Plans

Apharesis unit of Blood Bank is in pipeline and will start in near future.NAT lab is next future project which is expected to start in future not very far.

Study and Training

The Department of Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank is regularly arranging seminars and sending doctors and technical staff for upgradation and training .The interdepartmental academic meetings are regularly arranged by Blood Bank.A dedicated Hospital Transfusion Committee looks for continuous improvement for the patients care and contribution of transfusion services.

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