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Mission statement- To develop as a leading institute in pediatric health facilities and excel in teaching and research in pediatric health care.


Unit I

1 Professor and Head Dr Jyoti Bagla
2 Associate professor Dr Medha Mittal
3 Assistant professor Dr Shruti Virmani
4 Assistant professor Dr Ruchi Mishra

Unit II

1 Unit Head , Professor Dr AP Dubey
2 Associate Professor Dr Rakhi Jain
3 Associate Professor Dr Varun Kumar Singh
4 Assistant professor Dr Kanwaljeet Kaur
5 Assistant professor Dr Sapna Saluja

Courses, training programmes

Have applied for necessary permissions for start of post graduation MD pediatrics course

Education activities-

Seminar , journal club, case presentation, grand rounds , group discussion and invited guest lectures and workshops

Hospital services, facilities-

i. Outdoor – 4 rooms with a daily OPD of 100-170 patients

ii. Indoor facilities- 60 beds

iii. Casualty- 13 beds

iv. NICU 15 beds

v. PICU 05 beds

vi. Day care facilities- thalassemia, diarrhea, fever work up

vii. Chronic neonatal ward (Baby Waiting area) in post natal ward.

viii. Vaccination facilities- providing all vaccines to the pediatric patients as per UIP

ix. Dispensary services- One faculty member/ medical officer is posted each day to a dispensary within the perview of ESI services

Hemodialysis, Bronchoscopy, Endoscopy available for children.

Subspecialty clinics Name of clinic Day Room no. Time Incharge
1 Pediatric hematology & Thalasemia clinic Tuesday 115 2-4 pm Dr AP Dubey
Dr K Kaur
Dr Shruti
2 Well baby clinic Tuesday 117 11am-1pm Dr Varun Kr Singh
3 Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic Wednesday 116 2-4 pm Dr Ruchi Mishra
Dr Medha l Mittal
4 Pediatric pulmonology clinic Wednesday 115 2-4 pm Dr Sapna Saluja
Dr Rakhi Jain
5 Pediatric Cardiology Clinic Wednesday 116 2-4pm Dr Medha Mittal
6 Child guidance clinic Thursday 115 2-4 pm Dr Shruti Virmani
7 Pediatric Gastroenterology clinic Friday 117 2-4pm Dr Rakhi Jain
8 Pediatric Nephrology Clinic Friday 116 2-4 pm Dr Jyoti Bagla
9 Immunization clinic All days 121 9-1 pm Dr Varun Singh

Research work


1. Vitamin B12 deficiency in children: a treatable cause of neurodevelopmental delay. Jain R, Singh A, Mittal M, Talukdar B. Journal of Child Neurol 2014 Jan 21.

2. Postnatal Behavior and Outcome of Antenatally Detected Hydronephrosis and Predictors for Surgical Intervention .Ashok goyal, jyoti bagla, jyotsana M Kirtane.Journal of Clinical Pediatric Nephrology. 06/2014; Vol 2,(No 1 (2014)):71-33.index Copernicus original research paper.

3. Malaria in children in North India – Emerging New Trends. Mittal M, Jain R, Talukdar B, Kumar M, Kapoor K,. J Vector Borne Dis 51, June 2014, pp. 115–118

4. Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of adolescents regarding reproductive health and HIV/ AIDS. Jyoti Bagla, Amrita Mayanger, Rekha B, P P Gupta, A P Gupta. Indian journal of child health,2014;1(3):122-26. Original article,Indexed Copernicus, PUBMED NLM/ID

5. Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Malnourished Children (1-5 Years). Sapna Saluja, Jyoti Bagla, Anita Arora Journal of clinical pediatric nephrology, 2014; 2(1):76.Index Copernicus original research paper


6. Chopra K, Bagla J, Soni JP, Gupta BD. Neuro developmental outcome at 6 months in a cohort of term asphyxiated newborns with low Apgar scores. Sept.-Oct 2015: Vol-V(V) : 116-123. Available from


7. Arora A, Chopra K. Growth hormone replacement in Pediatric Insured population covered under ESI. International Journal of Research and Review. Jan16: Vol-VI:88-92. ISSN 2249-9598. Available from

8. Singh V, Chopra K, Yadav A, Kumar V. Breastfeeding Practices among Medical and Paramedical Personnel in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi. International Journal of Research and Review. Jan16: Vol-III(I): 37-42.E-ISSN:2349-9788; P-ISSN: 2454-2237.

9. Awareness of pubertal changes and reproductive health in adolescent girls-A comparative study .Jain R,AnandP.Int J Community Med Public Health.2016Dec;3(12)3313-3319


10. A cross sectional study on infection control practices among mothers attending immunization clinic at a teaching hospital in Haryana. Anand P, Jain R accepted in Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences.

Current research project

1. Jyoti Bagla. Cystatin C as a biomarker in neonatal AKI

2. 2. Jyoti Bagla. MRI vs EEG as initial investigation in first unprovoked seizure in 2-14 year children.

Future plan : We plan to provide specialty services in all pediatric sub specialties and be seen as a leading centre of health care excellence. Setting up of a dedicated pediatric hemo-dialysis unit and state of art pediatric nephrology super specialty services in center of Excellence are in the process.

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