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The Pathology Department was established in 1971 at the time of inception of hospital. Initially providing clinical pathology services, it expanded to provide, in addition to clinical pathology, histopathology, hematology, basic biochemistry and basic microbiology services. In 1990 a separate microbiology department and in 1992 a separate biochemistry department was established. ESIH Basaidarapur has been upgraded to Post graduate Medical Institute and Research Centre since 2009. At present the Department of Pathology is located at ground floor of New Building Block and contributing into the post graduate medical education in its full capacity.

The manpower in the department is as follows:


H.O.D. (Admn) Associate Professor and Specialist : 1
Professor and Specialist (HOD Acad) : 1
Specialist : 1
Assistant Professor : 2
Senior Resident : 4

Technical Staff

Senior Laboratory Technician : 3
Technician : 8
Laboratory Assistant : 7


Nursing Orderly : 9
Multitasking Staff : 1

The Department is providing services in histopathology, cytology, immunochemistry, hematology and clinical pathology sections. In addition, department runs round the clock emergency services; OPD collection centre and the ANC Laboratory from 9 AM to 12:30 PM on week days and 9 am to 11:30 AM on Saturdays along with the staff from biochemistry and microbiology. Apart from these services the department has a good library, teaching microscope, museum, a research laboratory for the teaching of junior and senior residents.

Various units of Pathology Departments

1. Histopathology

The pathology department of ESI PGIMSR, Basaidarapur is providing histopathology services since 1978. It is manned by doctors and technical staff with abundant experience in the field. All special stains are being done. The unit has been involved in training manpower for establishing histopathology of other ESI hospitals of Delhi. The section is fully equipped and has automatic tissue processor, fully automatic staining machine, tissue embedding station and fully automated microtome. An interesting feature of histopathology section is a museum. This has nearly 800 specimens collected over last 40 years and has been constant source of teaching to all medical personnel. Many rare and classical surgical specimens are preserved in the museum. The museum is extremely popular amongst patients and visiting dignitaries. Total number of specimens received in histopathology in 2016 was 6133.

Photograph of Fully Automatic Slide Staining Machine

2. Cytology

The cytology section is responsible for processing and reporting of cases of exfoliative and Fine Needle aspiration cytology (FNAC). The exfoliative cytology specimens include cytology of various body fluids and gynaecological pap smears. The department has facility for both conventional pap as well as liquid based cytology. The section is fully equipped with automated liquid based cytology equipments as well as cytospins.

FNAC is done in three batches on week days and in two batches on Saturdays. Ultrasound guided and CT guided FNAC are done routinely which are extremely helpful in prompt patient management. Total FNACs done in year 2016 was 2773 and 1544 cases in exfoliative cytology (Pap and body fluids) have been reported.

Photograph of Liquid Based Cytology System

3. Immunohistochemistry

The immunohistochemistry section of the pathology department is being managed by our senior residents and technicians. Here immunostains are done on various tumors for diagnosing them as well as for their clinical management. The section has a panel of 103 antibodies and in process of acquiring more.

4. Haematology

Hematology section was started as a part of clinical pathology services of the department. The section is well equipped and has five part fully automated hematology analyzer, fully automated coagulation analyzer and HPLC for detection of thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies. Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy are regularly done. 732000 investigations were performed in hematology in the year 2016.

Photograph of Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer

Photograph of Fully Automated Five Part Differential Cell Counter

Photograph of HPLC instrument

5. Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology sections besides doing routine hematology investigation mentioned above does routine and special urine investigations, pregnancy tests, semen analysis, CSF and other fluid cytology. 91415 investigations were performed in clinical pathology 2016.

6. Emergency Lab.

Round the clock emergency services are provided. 113289 investigations were done in year 2016 in emergency laboratory.

7.Academic Activities

The department has been involved in various academic activities. It has published articles in various national and international journals.

The Doctors of the department have been for a W.H.O fellowship in the following areas.

1. Dr.Anand Kumar Verma Topic - Immunochemistry
Place - Dr.ALMIPGMS, Chennai.
2. Dr.R.K. Chandoke Topic - Laboratory Genetics
Place - Genetic unit, Pediatrics department, AIIMS, New Delhi.

8. Research Work

The Department of Pathology is also involved in various research projects within department and with other departments. The major work has been done in soft tissue tumors, prostatic enlargements, morphometry in orthopedics, thyroid and gynecological lesions. Pancytopenia, thalassemia screening, leukemias are the main research projects done in hematology.

9. Future Plans

1. Frozen section facility

2. Upgradation of IHC laboratory and establishment of molecular laboratory

3. Flow cytometry for diagnosis of leukemias.

10. Alumni

The students who have done DNB from this department are now appointed as Assistant Professor, Specialists in various colleges and hospitals.

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