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Introduction of the Eye Department:

  • ESI Hospital, Basaidarapur is currently 600-bedded centrally located, tertiary hospital in Delhi.
  • Total bed strength of Eye Department is 30, with bed occupancy of 85%
  • Annual OPD is near about 60,000 patients annually
  • IPD approximately 1300 annually
  • Total surgical load is about 4,000 surgeries annually


Eye department has been upgraded to Centre of Excellence and has 11 examination rooms. 1 room for testing visual acuity, 3 rooms for refraction,7 consultation rooms, 1 minor OT, one exclusive room for fundus camera and laser procedures, one for squint workup plus seminar room and library

List of equipments

  • Fundus camera for Fundus Flourescein Angiography (FFA)
  • Double Frequency Nd YAG laser for retinal photocoagulation
  • Nd YAG laser for removal of posterior capsular opacification
  • Auto- refractometer
  • Auto – Keratometer
  • Combined A-B Scan
  • Auto Perimeter
  • 1 Photo Slit lamp with camera; 2 slit lamp
  • Manual Keratometer
  • 2Synaptophore
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscope
  • Non Contact Tonometer
  • 2 Operating microscopes
  • 2 Phacoemulsification machines
  • 1 Vitrectomy machine
  • Hess Chart

Teaching faculty

  • Dr Anil D Mehta,HOD, Consultant SAG Grade, Professor Designate
  • Dr Sandeep Kumar,Director Professor
  • Dr Vandana Kohli,Professor
  • Dr.Prakriti Chourasia, Assistant Professor
  • Dr.Rohit Kapoor, Assistant Professor

Senior Residents

  • Dr. Rohit Kapoor
  • Dr. Latika Khatri Dalal
  • Dr.Bharat Mehta
  • Dr. Bibha Kumari
  • Dr.Isha Chaudhari
Non-teaching staff (including para-medical, nursing staff, technicians etc.)


  1. Dr. Prakrati Chaurasia- Specialist
  2. Dr.R.S.Pal- CMO (NFSG)
  3. Dr. Charanjeet Singh– CMO (NFSG)
  4. Dr. Rohit Kapoor– CMO
  5. Dr. Akanksha Bansal – IMO Grade II
  6. Dr. Rahul Shah – Senior resident
  7. Dr Harish H S – Senior resident
  8. Dr Simrat Chandi – Senior resident
  9. Dr Geetanjali Parmar – Senior resident
  10. Dr Neelam Runda – Senior resident
  11. Dr.Sneha Saini-Junior resident
  12. Dr Rachit – Junior resident


  1. Ms. Jaya Maman
  2. Ms. Mukta
  3. Ms. Mary Johnson
  4. Ms. Margreta
  5. Ms. Meena S. Lal
  6. Ms. Chandrika R Nair
  7. Ms. Mini Thomas


  1. Mr. Surender Singh, Chief Optometerist
  2. Mr. Raj Kumar Lodhi
  3. Mrs. Sheena Sasidharan


  • Mr. Chunni Lal
  • Mr. Munish Kumar
  • Mr. Sanjay Pandey
  • Mr. Joginder Pal


  • Katar Singh
  • Ved Prakash

Services provided

All major anterior segment surgeries like cataract surgeries including pediatric cataract surgeries, glaucoma surgeries, Pterygium with auto graft, extra ocular surgeries like DCR, squint & oculoplasty surgeries are performed.

Cataract surgeries with intra ocular lens implantation are done by the most modern method of Phacoemulsification and suture less small incision cataract surgeries.

Emergency services are given round-the-clock to the beneficiaries.

Being an occupational diseases center, all industrial injuries like penetrating trauma, perforating injuries, traumatic cataract, etc are handled in this department.

Eye Department has recently been upgraded to start management of posterior segment disorders of the eye with addition of Fundus camera for Fundus Flourescein Angiography (FFA) along with Double Frequency Nd YAG laser for Photocoagualation for diseases like Diabetic Retinopathy, Central Retinal Vein Occlusion, Eales Disease etc.Corneal Transplant procedures will be started soon.

Academic activities

Specialty clinics namely Cornea, Glaucoma, Retina,Squint, Oculoplasty & Neuro-ophthalmology are being run once every week.

Ward rounds with clinical case discussions daily

Afternoon case presentations everyday

16 publications by the teaching faculty in last years

Future Plans

To initiate Eye banking and Keratoplasty procedures To facilitate the high volume of cataract surgeries and early diagnosis and management of retinal and glaucoma disorders, the department of Ophthalmology should be upgraded with acquisition of the following equipments

  • Torsional Phaco emulsification machine
  • High end microscope
  • IOL Master - For accurate and precise measurement of Intra ocular lens power calculation
  • Spectral OCT

Initiation of scleral fixated IOL, Toric IOL, Accomodative IOL in difficult cases is proposed


  • 1-month training in medical retina at LVPEI, Hyderabad by Dr Anil D Mehta
  • 15-day training in medical retina at GNEC, New Delhi by Dr Vandana Kohli
  • Cornea workshop attended at RP Center, New Delhi by Dr Sandeep Kumar, Dr Prakriti Chourasia
  • WHO fellowship in 'molecular tools in diagnosis of infectious diseases' by Dr Charanjit Singh

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