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The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

ESI PGIMSR Basaidarapur New Delhi

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Basaidarapur has bed strength of 125 with 100% bed occupancy and is one of the busiest departments of the hospital with maximum number of indoor patients throughout the year. The department is a tertiary centre for patients care hence, huge number of high risk patients are referred from other ESI hospitals of Delhi & NCR for tertiary care and for the need of blood & component therapy & Obstetric HDU/ICU care.

2. List of faculty/ residents/ other staff-

Teaching faculty-

Head of the Department – Dr Sangeeta Gupta

Professor & Academic Head - Dr Taru Gupta

Professor – Dr. Leena Wadhwa, Dr. Pratiksha Gupta

Associate Professor-

Assistant Professor – Dr Sangeeta Gupta, Dr. Nupur Gupta, Dr. Aanchal Sablok, Dr Sanjana Wadhwa, Dr Divya

• Faculty members are executive members of various gynecology forums at National & State level like AOGD, NARCHI, FOGSI, IFS, DGES etc.

• They also represent as chairpersons/external examiners/invited faculty to deliver orations and guest lectures at state as well as national level forums.

Specialist - Dr Shashi Prabha

IMO- Dr. Shipra Singh

The department has Senior Residents & Post Graduate students. There is annual intake of 8 PGs per year for PG course, MS Obs & Gynae.

3. Courses and Training Programmes-


• The Department has received LOP from MCI dated 26.10.2010 for annual admission of 3 PG (MD) seats which have been increased to eight annual intake since 2017.

• MD (Obs & Gynae) was started in 2011.

• Publications: 40

• Department has well developed departmental and Central Library with latest books –online

Academic activities going on in the department

QUIZ conducted in the department on the eve of "world population day" 2017

DEBATE conducted in the department on eve of "world population day" 2017


• Practical Endoscopic training centre established – Training given to ESI Doctors

Departmental Thesis (P G Students)-

1) Comparison of different doses of vaginal misoprostol for cervical ripening before diagnostic hystero-laparoscopy- 10- 12 hrs before procedure

2) Role of chromo-hysteroscopy guided biopsy in evaluation of endometrial pathology

3) A comparative study to assess the accuracy of transvaginal sonography and saline infusion sonohysterography in comparison with histopathological examination of hysteroscopic guided endometrial biopsy in detecting the cause of AUB

4) Impact of vitamin D supplementation on semen quality n vitamin D deficient infertile males with oligoasthenozoospermia

5) Impact of intrauterine HCG before IUI in infertile woman

6) A comparative analysis of newer methods of USG fetal weight estimation with the conventional methods in a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi

7) Study to estimate the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound as compared to MRI to assess levator ani defects in pelvic organ prolapse patients

8) Prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in infertile woman and effect of thyroxine therapy on reproductive outcome

9) Comparative evaluation of slow release intravaginal dinoprostone insert and transcervical foley's catheter in induction of labour

10) SflT-1/plgf ratio in cases of preeclampsia- a novel biomarker for prediction of pre eclampsia.

11) Role of intrauterine sensorecaine as a local anesthesia in outpatient gynecological procedures: a randomized control trial.

12) 3-D ultrasound evaluation of cesarean section scar and its role in determining the mode of delivery

13) RCT- Comparing feasibility of complete salpingectomy with partial salpingectomy at the time of elective caesarean delivery as a method of sterilization.

14) Study of Isthmocoele- USG vs MRI in post caesarean cases at 4 months postnatal period.

15) Role of Inj FCM vs Inj iron sucrose in antenatal period for treatment of anemia.

16) Role of Indwelling cathertrization in cesarean sections

17) A comparative study to assess the accuracy of transvaginal sonography and saline infusion sonohysterography in comparison with histopathology examination of hysteroscope guided endometrial biopsy in detecting the cause of abnormal uterine bleeding insulin resistance and inflammatory markers

18) Assessment of maternal abdominal subcutaneous fat thickness measured by ultrasound as an independent predictor of adverse pregnancy outcomes

19) Comparison of efficacy of pap smear and colposcopy to histopathology in diagnosing premalignant and malignant lesions of cervix in women with unhealthy cervix

20) Assessment of endometrial receptivity using Doppler ultrasonography in infertile women in controlled ovarian stimulation

21) To Evaluate CB-NAAT as a Diagnostic Tool for Genital Tuberculosis In Infertile Women

22) To evaluate the efficacy of Mifepristone and GnRHa in treating symptomatic uterine fibroid. Randomized controlled trial

23) Intrauterine instillation of GCSF in infertile women with thin ET undergoing natural monitoring/ controlled ovarian stimulation Thin ET



1.Dr. Sonam – PAPER presentation on "role of chromo hysteroscopy in evaluation of endometrial pathology using methylene blue dye"-AOGD Conference NOV 2018

2.Dr .Shristi – CHAPTER publication on " Management of adenomyosis in women less than 35 years"-indian fertility society conversations vol 5 FEB 2018

3.Dr.AnkitaMansinghka – POSTER presentation on "a rare case of hemolytic uremic syndrome in pregnancy"AOGD conference NOV 2018

4.Dr. Monika – Paper presentation on "Evaluation of reproductive outcome in infertile hypothyroid women on thyroxine therapy" AOGD Conference 2018 and National conference FERTIVISION 2018

5.Dr.Pooja – POSTER presentation on "amoebic liver abscess in pregnancy a rare entity" AOGD conference nov 2018

6.DR. Anupama – PAPER "Impact of intrauterine administration of HCG before IUI in infertile women –a Randomised control trial ". National Conference FERTIVISION 2018 and "Impact of intrauterine administration of HCG before IUI in infertile women" AOGD 2018

7. DR. Pallavi Shekhawat – PAPER-"Tranvaginal sacrospinous ligament fixation of pelvic organ prolapse stage 3 and stage 4 uterovaginal and vault prolpase" –IAGE Conf Lucknow (12-05-2018)

POSTER – "unusual presentation of degenerative fibroid postpartum "– AOGD

8.DR.Utkarsha – PAPER-"symptomatic submucus uterine fibroid :outcome of conservative surgery in a tertiary care hospital" – IAGE conf Lucknow (13-05-18)

POSTER–" labialangiomyxoma :a rare case report"

9. DR. Ritu- PAPER-"Comparative evaluation of intravaginal slow release dinoprostine insert vs transcervical Foleys catheter for induction of labour in patient with poor bishops score " AOGD 2018 .


1. Cancer awareness programmes march 2018

2. Infertility IVF Camp

3. FOGSI FORCE Programme 5,6th may 2018

4. CME on critical obs 2017

5. LakQshya training and care around birth classes held on 28th 29 th Jan

6. PG academic activities –

a. 13/1/18- Pre eclampsia

b. 4/8/18- Anaemia in pregnancy

c. 8/12/18- Endometrial cancer

d. 20/1/18- APH

4. Education activities

The department has organized many CMEs and Hands-on workshops

1. CME on Maternal Mortality on 8th July, 2011.

2. CME on Infertility and Hands-on workshop on Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) on 3rd Nov, 2011.

3. The department has been recognized as an active member of AOGD at par with other teaching hospital. ESI-PGIMSR has been included to conduct monthly clinical meeting of AOGD.1st meeting was held on 30th Dec, 2011.

4. Work shop on Gynae Endoscopy on 12th Jan, 2012.

5. Pre congress workshop on Maternal Mortality of 11th World Congress on Reproductive & Child Health, NARCHI at India Habitat Centre on 14th sep, 2012.

6. CME on PCOS-"Adolescence till Menopause" on 25th April 2013

7. CME on Anemia in Pregnancy under Safe motherhood committee AOGD 2014

8. Pre congress workshop on High Risk Pregnancy AOGD 2014

9. Workshop on "Medico legal Aspects of Maternal & Child Health" on 02-11-2015 Under the aegis of 37th Annual Conference of Association of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of Delhi

10. Workshop on PC PNDT AOGD 2016

11. AOGD monthly clinical meet on 03.03.2017 Organized by Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, ESI- PGIMSR Basaidarapur, New Delhi.

12. Workshop on "ABC of Critical Care Obstetrics" on 22-07-2017 Under the aegis of Multidisciplinary committee AOGD

The department is actively involved in teaching of PGs and hosted many academic activities for teaching PGs of different hospitals of Delhi & other states of India under Medical Education Forum, FOGSI.

Department will be conducting "CME ON LAPAROSCOPY- BASICS & ADVANCED" on Silver Jubilee Auditorium in association with Delhi Gynaecology Society of Endoscopist, DGES.

5. Hospital services provided by Obtetrics and Gynecology department

Out patient department

Gynae OPD, Antenatal OPD, Family Planning OPD, Special Clinics – Infertility, High Risk Pregnancy, Gynae Oncology, Menopausal, Endocrine, Post natal Clinic.

Well equipped, OPD Procedures as Ultrasound, PAP smear, Colposcopy, EA & ECC are being done in OPD.

Patients waiting in queue

Patients being examined

Photo showing colposcope USG in Out patient department


Infertility OPD runs on a daily basis catering an average of 30-40 patients daily.

Patients waiting outside infertility OPDPatients being seen in infertility OPD


Family planning OPD runs on a daily basis with approximately 35-40 clients attending OPD per day.

Patient being explained about various methods of contraception in family planning OPD

The department is running various special clinics as under







Labour room-

Obstetric Unit is fully equipped to deal with high risk pregnancies round the clock. Well equipped labour room with CTG Machine and ultrasound and all advanced technology equipments are available. Labour room has attached operation theatre with all modern equipments for Caesarean section & dealing with all sorts of emergency.

Picture showing casuality patient receiving room

Picture showing CTG and other maternal monitor in labour room

Department has facilities of 24 hrs functioning emergency OT with recovery room

Emergency OT working 24 hrsPicture showing OT with recovery room

The department is self-contained and all Obstetrics & Gynaecological surgeries including advanced Endoscopic and Onco-Surgeries are performed. The Department is equipped with latest endoscopic equipments including operating laparoscopes, hysteroscope, resectoscope and colposcope.

Diagnostic laparoscopy Modular OT


- The department is doing all sorts of advanced endoscopic surgeries & Gynae Onco surgeries other than routine obstetric & gynaecology surgeries.



- Myomectomy

- Ovarian Cystectomy

- Diag. and Operative Hysteroscopic surgeries


- Carcinoma cervix

- Ca endometrium

- Ca ovary

Ca vulva

ESIC IVF Centre is almost ready with all advanced equipments & will be operational soon.

Project of Obstetric HDU/ICU is in pipeline and is under process.

Training Centre in Department

Endoscopic basic and advanced


Infertility clinic Level II

Infertility clinic-Existing facility – IUI Lab

IVF lab – will start soon.


The Department runs ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) level II Clinic

A large number of patients have conceived and delivered after infertility treatment in this hospital

Family planning services are provided on a daily basis in family planning OT which includes laparoscopic ligation, suction evacuation, CuT insertion, Mirena insertion.


Department has already started training in Gynae endoscopic Surgery. Infertility clinic Level II with IUI Lab.

Photo showing IVF centre

Department is in the process of starting IVF Centre. High Dependency Unit and Onco-Surgery Units are also proposed in near future.

Glimpse of few Interesting cases-

Advanced surgeries /best case study with successful outcome

Short term achievements

Maternal motality and morbidity has reduced

Advancement in endoscopic surgeries

Advancement in ART

MS Obs & Gynae- 6 batches passed

Teaching and academic activities, Conferences, workshops successfully conducted

Research projects

Training programmes

Long term plans

Centre of excellence

IVF centre

Superspeciality in gynae oncology and endocrinology

Robotic endoscopic surgery

Latest Events

Tender Notices

Updates and News