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    • Infrastructure of the Department:
        • Department of Microbiology is located on the 1st floor OPD Block
        • Department has a Departmental office , separate rooms for teaching and nonteaching staff, Departmental Library, Seminar Room, Demonstration Room, Museum and a Store.
      • Diagnostic facilities includes a Sample collection area, Media Preparation Room, Washing and drying area, Autoclaving area and Specialized dedicated Laboratories for Bacteriology, Mycology, Mycobacteriology, Serology, Virology, Immunology and Parasitology. The Department runs an ICTC for HIV testing with separate rooms for sample collection and counseling.
    • Equipments available in the Department:

      • Incubators
      • Autoclaves (Horizontal & Vertical)
      • Hot Air Sterilizers
      • Serum Inspissator
      • Balance (Chemical/ Electronic)
      • Microscopes (Monocular& Binocular)
      • Binocular Microscope with Fluorescence & phase contrast
      • Centrifuges , Electrical high power
      • Refrigerated Centrifuge
      • Distilled water plant (all glass)
      • Anaerobic apparatus
      • BOD Incubator
      • Laminar flow table
      • Biosafety Cabinet
      • VDRL shaker
      • Water bath Serological
      • Deep freeze (-20°C &- 70°C)
      • ELISA Reader, printer & washer
      • Vortex Mixer
      • Automated Blood culture and TB culture system-BacT/ Alert 3D 480
      • Automated Bacterial Identification and Drug Sensitivity Testing System-Vitek 2 Compact 30
      • Automated Mycobacterial Identification and Drug Sensitivity Testing System- HAIN Molecular System
    • NameS of teaching & non teaching staff: Lab Techniciansx
      Professor & HOD Dr. Madhu Choudhry MBBS, MD
      Associate Professor Dr. Sumi Nandwani MBBS,MD,DNB,PGCHM
      CMO-NFSG Dr. Sanjay Misra MBBS,MD
      CMO Dr.Sangita Gupta MBBS,MD
      Senior Residents Dr.Gitali Bhagawati MBBS, MD
      Dr Kumari Julee MBBS, MD
        Mr.Vinesh D Meshram  
      Mrs. Monica Ekka  
      Mrs. Omna Madhu  
      Mr. Ramsanai  
      Mr. Inder Singh  
      Mrs. Santosh Devi  
      Mr. Charan Singh  
      Lab Assistants Mrs. Anita Bist  
      Mrs. Ruchi Gosain  
      Mr.Surinder Singh  
      Mr.Shatrughan Prasad  
      Mr.Shatrughan Prasad  
      Mr. Rakesh Saini  
      Mr.Birender Singh  
      Mr.Prem Swaroop  
      HIV Technician 1  
      Nursing Orderlies 6  
      Safai Karamcharis 2  

  • Services Provided:

    Microbiology Services were initiated in 1992.The Department functions as a Clinical Microbiology Laboratory with a focus on the clinical and lab diagnosis of infectious diseases. All OPD samples for microbiological investigations are received upto 1:00 p.m. The tests are done on all working days. The Department receives approximately 5000-6000 blood samples and performs 11,000-12,000 investigations every month.

    The Tests performed in the laboratory include Aerobic Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity, Fungal Culture and KOH preparation, Mycobacterial Culture and ZN staining including Slit smear for Lepra Bacilli, Parasitology including Microscopic Examination of Stool and Modified AFB Staining, Malaria Ag, Serology and Immunology tests like Widal, ASO, RA, CRP, hSCRP, VDRL/STS, Typhidot, TORCH panel, Hepatitis markers(HBsAg,HBc Total/IgM, Anti HBs, HBe Ag/Ab, Anti HCV), Immunity Markers (ANA/ANF, ds DNA, SMA, MA), Total IgE, TB Serology, Cysticercosis IgG, Cryptococcal Ag, Meningitis Ag , Virology ( HIV I &II Antibody, Dengue Serology IgG/IgM), and Hospital Infection Control Programme including Air sampling, Water Cultures, Disinfectant testing, Environmental Cultures, Biological Indicators and Catheter Tip Cultures.

    The department is computerized and reporting is also being done on the hospital information system. The laboratory puts up internal quality controls and also participates in EQAS programme for Serological testing for Syphilis (VDRL/RPR) being conducted by WHO, GASP, SEAR RRL, Regional STD Centre, Safardurjung Hospital, N.Delhi.

  • Academic Activities ongoing:
    • Co- Supervision for PG thesis
      • M.S. Orthopaedics Thesis titled 'Efficacy of Antibiotic Impregnated Allogenic Bone Graft in Osteo- reconstructive surgery'.by PG student Dr. Shikhar Dogra (2011-2014 Batch) in Dept. Of Orthopaedics, ESIC- PGIMSR and Hospital, Basaidarapur, New Delhi.
      • M.S. Obs & Gynae) Thesis titled 'Evaluation of Role of GnRH antagonists in Intrauterine insemination cycles with mild ovarian hyperstimulation'.by PG student Dr. Rupali Khanna .(2011-2014 Batch) in Obs & Gynae , ESIC- PGIMSR and Hospital, Basaidarapur, New Delhi.
    • ii) Regular participation of faculty in CME's, national (IAMM) and regional conferences of Delhi (IAMM Delhi Chapter) and Noida (NAPM) with paper & poster presentations, invited guest lectures and talks.
    • Departmental Publications – various including in indexed journals and books
    • Faculty on the editorial board of journals and member of MEU, ESI – PGIMSR , N- Delhi
    • Departmental seminars among Doctors every week on current topics and other problem areas
  • Future Plans:
    • Initiation of Automated Blood Culture And TB culture Testing
    • Initiation of Automated Bacterial Identification And Drug Sensitivity Testing
    • Initiation of Automated Mycobacterial Identification and Drug sensitivity Testing ( molecular)
    • Setting up of Anaerobic Laboratory
    • Setting up of a Molecular Laboratory (Real Time PCR as a turnkey project)
    • Starting academic course for Post Graduate students with setting up of a Post graduate Laboratory
    • Formulation of Antibiotic policy
    • Flow Cytometry for tests like CD4 count
    • Viral Load Assay for HIV and Hepatitis.
    • Accreditation of lab (NABL/JCI)
    • Participation in External Quality Assurance Program (EQAS)
  • Training:
    • Conduct Teaching classes for D.N.B. and IGNOU students
    • Regular Training for inhouse technicians, paramedical staff, Nursing staff on diagnostic and applied aspects of Microbiology.

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