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Department of Medicine


I. Infrastructure

Wards & OPD's

The Department of Medicine ESI-PGIMSR, Basaidarapur, New Delhi occupies the following areas:

1. First floor & 3rd floor of the hospital in new building housing 90 inpatient beds divided into male and female wards .

2. Dialysis facility with 6 beds is housed in the 3rd floor of the hospital old building.

3. Intensive cardiac care unit with 10 beds housed on the first floor of the hospital building.

4. Casualty services ward in room no.10 housing 15 emergency beds. It is well equipped with piped gas supply, suction machine and defibrillators.

5. Medical OPD wing of the OPD building with 4 OPD chambers (room no. 107,108,109,110)

6. Department of medicine seminar room with overhead LCD projector.

7. Cardiac OPD wing of OPD building in room no. 13,14,15

8. Neurology OPD in room no 51.


1. Cardiac monitors and defibrillators, ECG machine, infusion pumps, portable ventilators are stationed in the emergency services area.

2. Cardiac monitors and defibrillators, pulse oxymeters, ecg machine, infusion pumps, nebulisers, glucometers, intubation kits with AMBU bag and other state of the art equipments are available in the medical wards.

3. State of the art hemodialysis units are used in the hemodialysis facility.

4. Cardiac monitors and defibrillators, pulse oximeters, ECG machine, infusion pumps, nebulisers, glucometers and other state of the art equipments are available in ICCU alongwith facility for thrombolytic therapy.

5. Endoscopes and colonoscopes are available in endoscopy lab.

6. Specialized neurological equipment for NCV, EEG and EMG available in neurophysiology labs.

7. Medical gases supply both centralized piped supply and cylinders are available at all areas.

Specialised labs and procedures

Neurophysiology unit

A state of the art Neurophysiology lab is functioning in room no. 6c in OPD block having facility for specialized neurological investigations like NCV, EEG, EMG, RNST.

Unit Incharge: Prof. Rajesh Chetiwal

Technician: Mr. Randhir Singh

Timings: During hospital working hours

Heart Station

A fully equipped heart station is situated in OPD block in room no. 15 having facility for echocardiography and TMT.

Incharge: Dr Nidhi Bhimsen

Timings: Daily during hospital working hours


It is situated in room no 87 near hospital canteen having facility for upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy. Specialized procedures like endoscopic guided biopsy and variceal ligation are routinely performed.

Unit incharge: Dr. Sanjay Raina

Timings: Wednesday and Saturday during hospital working hours.

Dialysis unit

An ultra modern dialysis unit is situatedin old hospital building third floor

Unit incharge: Dr. Ramnik K. Duggal

Timings: Daily during hospital working hours

Misl procedures

Procedures like lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, ascitic tap, pleural tap, kidney biopsy are routinely performed in medicine wards and emergency.

Teaching faculty:

3 teaching units are there as follows:

1. Unit I (OPD Monday & Thursday):-

Dr. R.K.Duggal – Designate Professor

Dr. Sanjay Raina- Senior Specialist<?

Dr. Atindra Narayan – Assistant Professor

Dr. Ashok Kumar – Assistant Professor

2. Unit II(OPD Tuesday & Friday):-

DrRajesh Chetiwal – Professor & Head

Dr. Arun Jain –Associate Professor

Dr Priyank Rastogi- Assistant Professor

Dr Nidhi Anand- Assistant Professor

3. Unit III(OPD Wednesday & Saturday):-

Dr. S.C. Sharma - Professor

Dr B.K. Singh- Associate Professor

Dr. Abhijeet-Assistant Professor

II. Services provided

1. Emergency services are provided through 15 bedded medicine emergency manned by two round the clock senior residents with their teams as well as consultant physicians on call ably supported by the junior residents and interns. There is daily specialist/faculty consultant input in medical emergency.

2. Inpatient services are provided through three medical units spread over 90 beds in male and female wards. Each unit is headed by a senior faculty. The inpatient care teams have medical officers, senior residents and junior resident doctors supported by nurses and nursing attendants.

3. ICCU services are provided through 10 beds under the care of cardiac specialist with round the clock senior residents and junior resident doctors and supporting staff. The unit is headed by Dr Nidhi Bhimsen, Consultant Cardiologist.

4. 6 bedded ICU managed round the clock by anesthesia residents and supervised by consultant anesthesia and co supervised by the consultant medicine with their teams as per roster by department of medicine.

5. OPD services are provided daily for medical and cardiac patients from 9 am to 4 pm.

6. Specialty clinics are also run by the Department as follows:

Specialty OPD timing Days Room no
Nephrology 2-4pm Mon, Thursday 110/109
Diabetology 2-4 pm Tuesday 110/109
Endocrinology 12-2 pm Mon-Friday 109
Rheumatology 2-4 pm Friday 110/109
Neurology 2-4 pm Mon-Friday 51

III. Academic activities

The aims of the department are achieved on the basis of strong organizational structure and efficient administration. The three major principles of the department of medicine are:

-to develop excellence and leadership in art and science of clinical medicine.

-to develop excellence and leadership in the areas of basic clinical and translational research in specific areas of interest.

- a commitment to the highest standards of postgraduate teaching.

The department offers an extensive program of regular weekly post graduate education. There is a weekly 2 hour dedicated teaching and weekly grand rounds. There are also various multi disciplinary meetings and numerous departmental meetings. Bedside clinical teaching is also provided to residents as well as training in complex procedures.The department conducts weeklyCME'S and seminars in departmental seminar room covering recent advances and challenges in medicine as per departmental roster.

IV. Future plans

The department is planning to initiate post graduate teaching programme in medicine leading to the award of MD degree in General Medicine. Presently, the proposal is under review and under active consideration by the MCI.

Training programs are also being envisaged for paramedical and technical staff in neurology, endoscopy, dialysis and cardiology labs.

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