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PG Thesis Protocols & Faculty Protocols details:

Sl.No Date Agenda
1 8th September, 2011 Protocol Presentations by PG Students of 2011 Batch
2 21st October, 2011 Protocol Presentations by PG Students of 2011 Batch
3 10th October,2012 Protocol Presentations by PG Students of 2012 Batch
4 18th October,2012 Protocol Presentations by PG Students of 2012 Batch & Faculty Members
5 15th October,2013 Protocol Presentations by PG Students of 2013 Batch

Details of Meetings of Institutional Ethical Committee (IEC)

S.No. Name of faculty Department Title of thesis
1 Dr. Jyoti Bagla, Assoc. Prof. Peadiatrics Randomized controlled trail in children with seizures
2 Dr. Dipti Gothi, Assoc. Prof. Pul. Medicine Usefulness of Pulmonary rehabilitation in resource poor setting
3 Dr. Sumi Nandwani, Assoc. Prof. Microbiology Comparative evaluation of Xpert MTB/RIF assay diagnostic technique with conventional techniques for diagnosis of extra pulmonary tuberculosis and detection of Rifampicin drug resistance.
4 Dr. Pratiksha Gupta, Assoc. Prof. Obst. & Gynae Bacterial vaginosis & peridontal infection-prediction of preterm labor
5 Dr. Leena Wadhwa, Assoc. Prof. Obst. & Gynae To determine the association between male infertility & occupation of industrial workers in organised sector
6 Dr. Bhawna Satija, Specialist Radiology Utility of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in prenatal diagnosis of placenta accreta-a prospective study
7 Dr. Ruchi Mishra, Specialist Peadiatrics Study of factors responsible for non-adherance to inhalation preventive medication in children aged 1-12 years with bronchial asthma
8 Dr. O.P. Lakhwani, Assoc. Prof. Orthopedics Efficacy of Deep Freezed Allogenic Cancellous Bone Graft as local Antibiotic Delivery System
9 Dr. Shyam Lal, Assoc. Prof. Surgery Prophylatic antibiotics in elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy-is it necessary
10 Dr. Dipti Gothi, Assoc. Prof. Pul. Medicine Usage of electronic medical record in tertiary care institutes-questionnaire based study
11 Dr. Kanwaljeet Kr. Chopra, Specialist Peadiatrics Breastfeeding practices in medical and paramedical personnel
12 Dr. Sangeeta Gupta, Specialist Obst. & Gynae Prospective study of sever acute maternal morbidity (near miss) cases at tertiary care hospital
13 Dr. Sumit Chakravarty, Specialist Surgery Awareness of doctors about irritable bowel syndrome in a tertiary care hospital – a questionnaire based study
14 Dr. Ramesh Singh Pal, Specialist Pul. Medicine Lung cancer and its relation to occupation in industrial workers covered under ESIC Delhi NCR region
15 Dr. Supreeti Kohli, Specialist Radiology Size of thyroid gland on USG-normative data in indian infants
16 Dr. Pratiksha Gupta, Assoc. Prof. obst. & Gynae Uterine artery doppler in the prediction of pre-eclampsia
17 Dr. Shyam Lal, Assoc. Prof. Surgery Interval appendicectomy – a ritual or real necessity
18 Dr. Nupur Gupta, Specialist Obst. & Gynae Prediction of pre-eclamsia in early pregnancy by estimating spot urinary albumin : creatinine ratio : a pilot study
19 Dr. Anu Singhal, Specialist Radiology The ultrasonographic and MRI characteristics of indeterminate adnexal masses in indian women
20 Dr. Kanwaljeet Kr. Chopra, Specialist Peadiatrics Prevalance of hypertension in 5-12 years old children attending OPD in insured population covered under ESI
21 Dr. Sanyal Kumar, Specialist Radiology Role of diffusion tensor MRI as a biomarker to identify early changes in diabetic nephropathy
22 Dr. Suvidha Sood, Professor Anesthesia Ideal dose of propofol for spinal anesthesia-a correlation with bi-spectral index
23 Dr. Divya Sethi, Specialist Anesthesia Evaluation of varying doses of propofol infusion after low doses of ketamine for ambulatory paediatrics magnetic resonance imaging
24 Dr. Himanshu Gupta, PG Dermatology To study the association of Androgenetic Alopecia with metabolic syndrome & Insulin Resistance in male patients
25 Dr. Shikha Arora, PG Dermatology To study Serum Homocysteine levels & total Antioxidant status in vitiligo patients
26 Dr. Shikhar Dogra, PG Orthopedics Efficacy of vancomycin impregnated deep freezed gamma irradiated allogenic bone graft in osteo-reconstructive surgery
27 Dr. Vipin Dalal, PG Orthopedics Assessment of Lumbar Canal dimensions by plain Radiograph, CT Scan & MRI in symptomatic patients of lumbar canal stemosis with reference to age matched Asymptomatic population
28 Dr. Bhavya Salvi, PG Orthopedics Assessment of S-ROM stem in the management of complex hip pathologies
29 Dr. Rupali Khanna, PG Obst. & Gynae Evaluation of role of GnRH antagonist in intrauterine insemination cycles with mild ovarian hyperstimulation
30 Dr. Jyoti Jain, PG Obst. & Gynae Maternal & Perinatal outcome in severe preeclampsia with & without HELLP syndrome
31 Dr. Manjari, PG Obst. & Gynae Study of Bone mineral density & its correlation with serum estradiol level in postmenopausal women
32 Dr. Rahul Popli, PG Anesthesia Comparative study of epidural bupivacaine & ropivacaine with or without dexmedetomidine a randomized controlled trial
33 Dr. Vivek Shamrao Atram, PG Anesthesia A comparative evaluation of oral pregabalin with placebo in attenuation of pressor response during direct laryngoscopy & intubation in patients of general surgery under general anaesthesia
34 Dr. Raghav Rai, PG Orthopedics To study the clinical outcome of posterior decompression by laminoplasty in cervical myelopathy
35 Dr. Praveen Kr. Pandey , PG Orthopedics Comparison of outcome of single level artificial cervical disc replacement and single level anterior cervical discectomy with fusion for cervical disc disease
36 Dr. Devika Mor , PG Obst. & Gynae Role of Diagnostic laparoscopy in chronic pelvic pain
37 Dr. Sonika Wahi, PG Obst. & Gynae Correlation of vitamin D levels in term normotensive and preeclamptic patients in labour
38 Dr. Amrita Pritam, PG Obst. & Gynae Effect of endometrial biopsy on intrauterine insemination outcome in controlled ovarian stimulation cycle
39 Dr. Urmi Khanna, PG Dermatology To Study serum oxidative stress markers in psoriasis and the effect of oral antioxidants on these biomarkers
40 Dr. Monica Chahar, PG Dermatology Comparative study of intralesional triamcinolone acetonide, topical clobetasol propionate and topical calcipotriol in treatment of patchy Alopecia Areata of scalp
41 Dr. Yogesh Roy, PG Anesthesia Intravenous palonosetron for attenuation of hypotensive response and bradycardia during spinal anesthesia – a double -blindrandomized, placebo-controlled study+
42 Dr. Shikha Chahar, PG Anesthesia To compare and evaluate single use LMA supreme versus the reusable proseal LMA in paralyzed patients undergoing surgery with controlled ventilation
43 Dr. Mohit Jindal, PG Orthopedics The effect of bone bank processing on bone mineral density, histomorphometry and biomechanical strength of retrieved femoral head
44 Dr. Neeraj Godara, PG Orthopedics Evaluation of post surgical debridement materialin patients of tubercular spondylitis and molecular detection of resistance pattern to anti-tubercular drugs in positive culture isolates
45 Dr. Sagar Gaikwad, PG Orthopedics Evaluation of clinical outcome of cementless ceramic primary Total Hip Replacement in young patients of Avascular necrosis of Femoral Head
46 Dr. Shashank Agarwal , PG Orthopedics Efficacy of allogenic bone graft augmented with Autologous Bone Marrow in bone healing
47 Dr. Jograjiya Gelabhai Raghubhai, PG Obst. & Gynae Comparative study of serum levels of inhibin A, Activin A and leptin in intrauterine growth restricted and appropriate for gestational age pregnancy
48 Dr. Anil Kumar, PG Obst. & Gynae Evaluation of maternal serum levels of cell adhesion molecules and endothlial inflammatory markers in normal pregnancy, gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia
49 Dr. Pooja Rani, PG Obst. & Gynae Comparative study of hysterosalpingography and Hysterolaparoscopy in infertile women
50 Dr. Akhilesh Shukla, PG Dermatology Epidemiology of occupational dermatoses – a factory based observational study
51 Dr. Prashansa Jaiswal , PG Dermatology Comparative study of efficacy of radiofrequency ablation, electrodessication and cryosurgery in the treatment viral of cutaneous warts
52 Dr. Nagendra Singh Rawal, PG Anesthesia Comparison of fibreoptic guided tracheal intubation through intubating laryngeal mask airway LMA Fastrach and air-Q in adult paralysed patients
53 Dr. Anupriya Saxena, PG Anesthesia Comparative study of fiberoptic guided tracheal intubation through intubating, laryngeal mask airway LMA Fastrach and i-gel in adult paralysed patients
54 Dr. Bharat Mehta, PG Opthalmology Assessment of changes in the sensory status of patients above 16 years of age with a constant horizontal strabismus of more than 25 prism diopters afer surgical and orthoptic treatment
55 Dr. Gazella Bruce Warjri , PG Opthalmology Comparison of surgically induced astigmatism following manual small incision cataract surgery by superior and temporal approach
56 .Dr. Shruti Virmani, Specialist Peadiatrics Psychological correlates in recurrent abdominal pain
57 Dr. Divya Sethi , Asst. Prof. Anesthesia A randomised control trial comparing intrathecal ropivacaine, levobupivacaine and bupivacaine for caesarean section
58 Dr. Divya Sethi , Asst. Prof. Anesthesia A randomised control trial evaluating Transversus Abdominis Plane Block for Laparoscopic Lower Abdominal Surgery
59 Dr. Sumi Nandwani , Asso Prof. Microbiology Screening healthcare workers for Hepatitis B vaccine, non responders & identifying risk factors for non-response to Hepatitis B vaccine
60 Dr. Ram Babu, Medical Officer Pulmonary Medicine Study to assess the correlation of asthma control test,pulmonary function test and high sensitive c reactive protein (HS-CRP) in asthmatic patients
61 Dr. Taru Gupta , Asso. Professor Obst. & Gynae. Adiponectin-leptin ratio in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: relation to insulin resistance and inflammatory markers
62 Dr. Suman Kharakwal , Asst. Professor General Surgery Prospective randomized trial on management of liver abscess; drug therapy alone or in combination with ultrasound guided needle aspiration
63 Dr. Pratiksha Gupta Obst. & Gynae. Specificity and sensitivity PAPP-A in the first and second trimester : predictive marker for preeclampsia
64 Dr. Shikha Arora , PG Dermatology To study adipokines, visceral fat & biochemical markers associated with metabolic syndrome/cardiovascular risk in psoriasis and the effect of acitretin treatment on these markers
65 Dr. Prashansa Jaiswal , PG Dermatology Aetioclinico pathological study in 50 exfoliative dermatitis in a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi
66 Dr. Prashansa Jaiswal, PG Dermatology Comparison of efficacy of spironolactone, flutamide, finasteride, cyproterone acetate, ethinyl estradiol–desogestrel contraceptive pills in the treatment of hirsutism and analysis of association of metabolic cardiovascular disease risk factors: a randomized, double blind study
67 Dr. Urmi Khanna , PG Dermatology To evaluate the efficacy of itolizumab in the treatment of psoriasis
68 Dr. Monica Chahar, PG Dermatology prevalence and clinico-epidemiological correlation of metaboliv syndrome with chronic urticaria in a tertiary care hospital of North India : a case control study

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